Good-natured battle in Wilmington has businesses poking fun at each other in a war of words

It is a sign showdown in Delaware, with businesses battling to come out on top.

It all started last year, with a local automotive center declaring itself the winner of sign war 2021. Then, in late August, a new battle began. A rematch in the war of words.

Take a drive down Kirkwood Highway or Limestone Road in Wilmington and the sign war is clear. It’s a war of signs between Crossroads Restaurant and Paul Campanella’s Tire and Auto Center. The two businesses poking fun at each other on their written display signs.

"We have a team of comedians that work in the basement round the clock to do this," Crossroads Restaurant owner Matt Tyrawski jokingly commented.

It is a collaboration between employees at both businesses and a lot more goes into the snarky signs than one might think.

"We’re kind of limited on how many letters we can put up," Will Maggio, with Paul Campanello’s Auto and Tire Center, said. "It’s really a lot of thinking and wordsmithing going into it."

Of course, everyone wants to know is it a friendly feud? Or, is there more to it?

"It’s just fun. They are punching right back at us. Maybe a little harder, but that’s perfect. It just makes is more fun to do," Maggio remarked.

Premier Wine and Spirits has now jumped in with some sassy signage, along with Goldey-Beacom College, down the street and the community loves it.

"I think it’s really cracking me up," laughed Wilmington resident Tom Smallwood. "It’s making me laugh."

"I think it’s fun, when you slow down enough to read them. It’s a fun thing," added Crossroads customer Judy Gropp.

The battling businesses also get a big and positive response on social media.

"We had somebody say it’s bringing us together. It makes Kirkwood Highway more enjoyable. People look forward to it every day," Tyrawski added.