Antique revolver found in Pennsylvania man's carry-on bag at Philadelphia International Airport: TSA

The Middletown man told airport security that his father gifted him the revolver, officials said.

An antique revolver was found in a Pennsylvania man's carry-on bag at Philadelphia International Airport over the weekend. 

Officials said the gun was not loaded when it was found tossed in a carry-on bag at a TSA checkpoint on Sunday. 

The man told TSA officers that he received the antique pistol as a gift from his father. 

"You just don’t toss a firearm into a carry-on bag along with your clothes, even if it is unloaded," TSA Security Director Gerardo Spero said. 


The unnamed man was issued a criminal citation by police, and faces a "stiff financial civil penalty" that could reach as high as $15,000, officials said.

Over a dozen guns have been detected by TSA officers at Philadelphia International Airport so far this year, according to the agency. 

The airport set a six-year-high last year when 45 guns were stopped at TSA checkpoints.

Anyone planning to travel with a firearm must follow guidelines outlined on the TSA's website.