School resource officer charged with sexually assaulting 14-year-old student in Bethlehem

A middle school resource officer is facing several charges related to the sexual assault of a student, officials say. 

According to police, Costas Alestas, 43, worked as a School Resource Officer at East Hills Middle School in Bethlehem. Alestas was also a soccer coach. He is accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old student, police say. 

Alestas has been charged with statutory sexual assault, intercourse/sexual contact with a student at school, aggravated indecent assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, criminal use of communication facility and invasion of privacy.

A statement released by the Bethlehem Area School District Wednesday says the district was made aware of the allegations related to Officer Alestas on Monday, April 29, when a student shared information with their guidance counselor. 

The guidance counselor then immediately informed school officials and contacted Childline, which prompted an investigation. The next day, that same counselor also filed a report with Northampton County Children and Youth to continue the investigation.

On May 1, the District informed the Bethlehem Police Department of the reported allegations and the Children and Youth referral. 

On May 2, detectives spoke with the victim, and she disclosed that she had been involved in ongoing communication with Alestas while at school. She said the resource officer gave her his personal cell phone number. 

At one point, officials say the victim’s mother discovered text messages on her phone, and when Alestas became aware of this, he began using a second phone number to communicate with the victim. 

The girl stated that, among other things, this communication with Alestas included conversations about engaging in sexual acts.  


As the communication between the man and the minor continued, interactions progressed to several encounters involving sexual contact between the two. The victim reported that these encounters occurred both in school during the school day, and in Alestas’ personal vehicle outside of school hours. 

One incident occurred at school during a school dance while Alestas was on-duty, and in police uniform.  

Detectives found evidence of Alestas and the victim communicating after thorough searches of both their cell phones. This evidence included information that corroborated the victim’s statements to police. 

Detectives also found a video recording on Alestas’ phone which was taken inside East Hills Middle School, and showed a second victim’s private area under the victim’s outer clothing. This video was taken without the victim’s knowledge while she was walking in a hallway.

The Bethlehem Police Department and the school district worked together to place Officer Alestas on administrative leave from both organizations. 

The District deactivated the Alestas’ access to all district resources and immediately shared all reported information with the Bethlehem Police Department. 

Alestas remains in Northampton County Prison and bail was set at $500,000. 

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 28.

Anyone with additional information on this investigation is asked to contact Bethlehem Police at 610-865-7000 or Anonymous information can also be provided on our TipLine at 610-691-6660.