Betty White Challenge: Bucks County animal shelter overwhelmed by public generosity

January 17 would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday. The legendary actress died on New Year’s Eve and, in her honor, people around the world are taking part in "The Betty White Challenge," by donating money to local animal shelters as a way to honor her memory.

White was a staunch advocate for animals and one Bucks County shelter has a special connection to the late actress.

"When we put out the word of the Betty White Challenge and joined other animal organizations across the country, the outpouring of generosity, in terms of donations has been incredible!" exclaimed Karen Lash, with Women’s Animal Center, in Bensalem. "I opened my email and the donations, the $100 in honor of the 100th birthday – thank you for all you do. Betty would be proud."

After White died on New Year’s Eve, a social media campaign to donate to animal shelters went viral and it was a big dig day for the country’s oldest animal shelter. Shelters, like Women’s Animal Shelter, rely on donations and volunteers to care for abandoned animals and, hopefully, see them all adopted.

"When I say bye to this guy, I say I hope I don’t see you next week. I hope he’s in a home. You know, it’s bittersweet. If I come in next week, he’s not here, but I know he’s in a home," volunteer Lauren Ciemnoloski remarked.


On screen, Golden Girl Betty White delighted audiences with her wry humor and she proved to be a true champion in support of her other love.

"She never wavered in her mission to support animals and that’s her legacy. What a legacy that is," Lash added.

White was an ambassador fundraiser for Women's Animal Center, when it was located in Philadelphia, in 1982. The shelter received more than $5,000 in the Betty White Challenge.



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