Bitter cold keeps last-minute shoppers away from stores in Camden County

Some people across the Delaware Valley braved the arctic cold to get out and grab final deals and last-minute gifts for under the tree, but most shoppers found the weather too frigid and didn't venture out, especially for normally busy Haddonfield.

Restaurant manager Andrew Bodi observed, "Usually, the street here is busier with people walking in this town."

Old Man Winter and Mother Nature conspired to bring a bit of humbug regarding the weather at this point in the holiday season. Most who braved the bitter cold did so covered up.


On a day where Kings Highway would typically be bustling, it wasn’t and it wasn’t even hard to find a prime parking spot.

Those who did venture out were either in shops or another warm place where the tables were packed.

"Everyone is in here warming up with some nice cold beer, which is kind of ironic. The beer is ice-cold, but it warms the heart," manager of Kings Road Brewing Dallas Luciotti commented.

While the cold snap rattles a lot of people, others are unfazed, going about their business with a smile.

"Where is your hat?" asked FOX 29’s JoAnn Pileggi.

"I don’t need one. I’m only walking 20 feet," Don Delmonte answered. "I think it’s great. You go out in the weather, cold, hot, rain, snow – who cares?"