Bucks County man recovers after successful kidney transplant, finding donor through social media

A lot of sad news has happened in the area in the last week, so it’s always good to share a story with a happy ending. A Bucks County man needing a kidney donor has found a match, all thanks to social media.

"I felt like I won the lottery of life, I really did," Joe Fitch commented.

It’s a rainy, gloomy April afternoon, but that could never dull the enthusiasm and gratitude oozing from 55-year-old kidney transplant recipient Joe Fitch of Langhorne.

"After the broadcast that you guys had done last year, I had a donor who watched the program and she started testing," Fitch explained.


The donor who saw the shared social media post of Joe’s story on FOX 29 emerged. She wasn’t a perfect match, but through a partner exchange, Joe got another kidney from another live donor and was told to be ready for transplant surgery at Penn on March 18th.

"The flight that the kidney was on got delayed that morning and we were all like, ‘Oh no, but it’ll be okay,’ and it got there on time and everything went perfectly," Joe’s daughter, Tara Fitch, remarked.

"If I didn’t have my support group, I’d be lost. Wendy, everything she did was phenomenal. Amy, my donor, was unbelievable," Fitch added.

Joe says his doctors told him after three weeks, the new kidney is working perfectly. No more daily dialysis for Joe. His immune system, however, has been suppressed, so he has to be careful.

"I was that fortunate, you know? I’m trying to do everything I can to thank everybody by doing what I’m supposed to be doing," Fitch stated.

"I was very happy for him. We started making plans right away," Tara added.



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