Carnival enacting stricter rules proves successful in Gloucester County

Organizers of a summer carnival in Gloucester County have enacted exacting standards in order to create a peaceful environment for families to enjoy themselves. The fair has strict safety protocols and a one-strike rule. Organizers say their efforts appear to be working.

The Monroe Township Police Department is making themselves visible at the Our Lady of Peace annual carnival.

Police announced ahead of the carnival what they called "tough rules," after seeing big trouble in recent weeks at other big events in South Jersey and the Philadelphia area, even causing some events to cancel.


Strict curfews, fines, parental involvement to crack down on teen chaos in Gloucester Twp

A Camden County community is cracking down on unruly teen behavior by implementing stricter rules regarding curfew and adding parents to the conversation.


"There’s been a few cancelations in the area and we just wanted to get ahead of it a little bit, to show that we want the event to happen. We can’t keep canceling events around here," Frank Schwartz, of Skelly’s Amusements, stated.

The first thing everyone noticed, new and different this year, is the event is totally fenced in for the first time, with just two entrance areas, where security is doing bag checks and face coverings are prohibited.

Many participants of the carnival stated that they were happy with the increased security.

Four days into the week-long carnival, things are going just as organizers and participants hoped, as the peaceful event in Monroe Township is living up to the name of the parish.