6 arrested after large 'unruly' crowds force summer event to shut down in South Jersey

Another community event was brought to an abrupt end Saturday night when more crowd chaos took over in Camden County, ending with the arrest of four adults and two juveniles.

Police from several neighboring counties worked to control multiple large crowds of "unruly" people outside the annual Pennsauken Summer Kickoff. 

An apparent fight sparked the disturbance, according to police, who shut down the event early "before the situation deteriorated further."

Officials say the decision to call off the event was on the advice of the township’s emergency management team and first responders.

The Wawa on Route 130 also reportedly closed temporarily, due to issues with crowds clearing the park.


Six arrests were announced the day following the canceled event; four adults and two juveniles:

  • India Allen, 19, of Pennsauken Township, was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Failure to Disperse
  • Yamilet Meina, 18, of Camden City, was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Failure to Disperse
  • Damien Green, 20, of Pennsauken Township, was charged with Disorderly Conduct, Failure to Disperse, and Resisting Arrest
  • Derek Berry, 18, of Pennsauken Township, was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Failure to Disperse

The juveniles have not been identified due to their age.

Rich Mac says he tried to catch the end of Summer Kickoff with his 10-year-old.

"We were stopped by the EMT people saying you guys can’t come in there’s a big commotion going on, 200 kids give or take were fighting each other, it was ridiculous," he says. "It’s a shame because every single year it’s a phenomenal show and for some bunch of nonsense teenagers to ruin it."

Megan Hilbert, owner of Red’s Rolling Restaurant I, II, and III, says the event had no issues during the day, and she was unaware of the crowds until police said they had to leave.

"Everything was a relaxed vibe until all of a sudden it wasn’t," she says. "It’s scary honestly, I make my living at events that’s what we do, and for this stuff to go on not only will it affect community pride and togetherness, but also the small businesses."

"This type of unruly behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated in Pennsauken Township," police said.

The chaos comes one week after Gloucester Township Police say they made arrests after over 500 'unruly' juveniles sparked violent fights at the end of Gloucester Township Day, wreaking havoc and refusing to listen or leave.

Hilbert says she was warned earlier in the day about those crowds coming to the Summer Kickoff event.

"I completely swept it under the rug because I attend Pennsauken events all the time with the food trucks as a personal community member and nothing ever happens like that," she says. "This does not represent Pennsauken and who we are."