Philadelphia drug trafficking takedown charges 12 suspects as officials warn: 'You're next'

Federal and local law enforcement say dangerous criminals are now off the streets in a huge push to make Philadelphia neighborhoods safe for its residents.

Twelve suspects have been charged with 84 counts in connection to a drug trafficking ring busted by Philadelphia's police and AFT in the city's Fairhill section.

Ten of those suspects have been arrested, including the ring leader identified as Wilfredo Avila. One suspect is awaiting transfer from another state, while another, who officials have identified as Ahmed Perez, is still on the loose.

The arrests follow an 18-month investigation into the drug ring, which officials say "pushed poison" throughout Philadelphia by selling fentanyl and cocaine.

"The investigation resulted in the purchase or seizure of more than two kilograms of cocaine and 19,000 packets of fentanyl, which amounts to over 50,000 potentially fatal doses of 
fentanyl," said United States Attorney Jacqueline Romero.


In addition to trafficking drugs, officials say the organization sold firearms to their drug dealer customers.

Nearly 60 guns were found to be bought or seized, including "ghost guns," assault-style rifles, stolen guns, pistols and Glock switches.

Those guns were also used to protect drug trafficking activities, and defend their "turf," which spanned at least 14 locations in Fairhill and Kensington.

Law enforcement emphasized the deadly combination of narcotics and firearms, stating their investigation is far from over.

"I hope it sends a message to all the other drug and gun traffickers, and would-be drug and gun traffickers who are out there. My message is clear. You're next," Romero said.

The suspects range in age from 26 to 59 years old, and are facing several drug, firearms and conspiracy charges:

  1. Wilfredo Avila, 30
  2. Chanel Diaz Oscar, 48
  3. Zaida Diaz, 59
  4. Marcelino Minaya Lebron, 44
  5. Noel Arce, 26
  6. Abdul Ortiz, 37
  7. Ahmed Perez, 28
  8. Juan Acosta, 55
  9. Angel Colon, 35
  10. Alexander Roman Delgado, 33
  11. Angel Velez, 33
  12. Jose Rodriguez, 30