Cherry Hill drivers might want to slow down due to this new police initiative

A South Jersey Township is stepping up their police enforcement to slow drivers down. 

"There’s always some knucklehead that thinks it’s the Indy 500, so, you have to watch out for those guys," said Judy Barnett, who often drives around Cherry Hill.

Those speedy drivers are the ones Cherry Hill Police have their eyes on with a new safe streets initiative, that will station officers strategically at various locations around the township to monitor and enforce speed limits.

"It’s a great idea, especially living in this area and raising children in this area, you are always on alert. All the activities pedestrians do, people riding their bike, and in an age where drivers are more distracted than ever, I think it’s excellent," said Bob Paslowsky, a Cherry Hill resident.

Throughout Cherry Hill there are a number of speed radar signs on problem roadways that display real-time drivers' speeds. 

With the new initiative, the Cherry Hill Police Department has received additional pole radar signs to install in neighborhoods facing issues with fast drivers.

"I think anything to discourage people that are driving too fast is a good idea," said Barnett. 

Which David Fleisher, Mayor of Cherry Hill, believes is a good idea as well.

That’s part of the reason he helped bring forth this campaign alongside the police department, to better oversee the 300 miles of municipal roads plus the various state and county roadways their department is tasked with protecting. 

"The police has always been focused on reducing speeding in neighborhoods, but this is an opportunity to really take a more comprehensive approach to speeding in neighborhoods. I’d like to call it the three E’s, enforcement , education and engineering, the types of things to calm traffic in our neighborhoods. The combination of all three should have a meaningful impact on the safety of our residents," said Mayor Fleisher.

The Department will be handing out flyers about the initiative and the importance of monitoring your speed. 

The Police and Township officials encourage the community to speak up about any areas in the township dealing with speeding issues.