City groups push to increase voter registration ahead of Philadelphia's democratic primary

Last call for voter registration ahead of the democratic mayoral primary was on Monday in Philadelphia, days after a bipartisan poll showed a near dead heat in the race for mayor.

Community service group HopePHL welcomed new voters at the intersection of 40th Street and Lancaster Ave., where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once addressed a crowd of 10,000. 

"Your vote counts, your vote matters, and sometimes people just need a little push, ya know, we're trying to push a little bit today," HopePHL rep. Yolanda Braxton told FOX 29. 

While there are approximately 1.25M registered voters in Philadelphia, only 30% of them are expected to cast their vote in the May 16th democratic primary for mayor and city council. 


"Unfortunately, in municipal cycles we have a lower turnout than we do in federal elections, we're hoping to have a turnout as high as possible given the importance of the open seat for mayor and city council," City Commissioner Seth Bluestein said. 

Residents can register to vote by using the city's website, or head to Philadelphia's City Hall or the city office on 520 North Columbus Boulevard. 

Jeff Brown, Helen Gym, Rebecca Rhynhart, Cherelle Parker and Allan Domb are among the crowded field vying to replace Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney, who is in his lame duck term.