Community, Deptford Police launch fundraisers in support of officer shot in line of duty

Deptford continues to show their support for Officer Bobby Shisler, the officer shot in the line of duty and still recovering in the hospital and two opportunities to support his recovery and his family have launched.

"We just want to do whatever we can for Bobby and his family," said Umar Nisar. He and Steven Mitropoulos are talking about a fundraiser they launched for their friend, Deptford Police Officer Robert Shisler, who was shot in the line of duty on March 10.

"You never want to be in a situation like this but, of course, when you have to step up, especially for someone you know personally, you kind of put the best foot forward to give back, said Mitropoulos. "Bobby is someone who would do anything for anybody for all the years I knew him."

They created a website to sell t-shirts and other merchandise that say "Shisler Strong," with his badge on it. It launched Wednesday and is already taking off.

"It's insane. Between Facebook and Instagram I am, like, over 5,000 shares on the post. The apparel guy named Brody told me today, we have reached over 36 states, we are like over 600 orders now and over $7,000," Mitropoulos explained.


The company Shirts and Merch is making the merchandise. The men say all the proceeds for the month of May, which is the duration of the fundraiser, will go to officer Shisler.

"It's awesome for Bobby and he deserves it all right now for the fight he's putting up," said Mitropoulos.

The community support does not end here. Thursday evening, the Deptford Police Department officers sold Shisler Strong yard signs. They did it for the first time about a week ago.

"I live across the street and watched them sell out last time. That is why I came up an hour earlier this time," said Cindy Gallagher who bought two signs. One is for her front yard.

"One goes to my daughter for Westville," said Gallagher. As the line wrapped the building people left happy to be able to support the officer, wishing him well and praying he will fully recover.

"God bless," said Gallagher.

For more information on Shisler Strong t-shirts, check their website.