Da Hood Flea Market in North Philly helps entrepreneurs make "a way out of no way"

It’s not your regular flea market, it’s Da Hood Flea Market. 

Before the space turns into a new Country Cookin restaurant, in the meantime, it’s open for entrepreneurs to sell their products and make some extra money.

Last month, Saudia Shuler’s dream came true when she bought a building located on North Broad Street. Once renovated, it will be home to her popular restaurant, Country Cookin, as well as an event space. 

But in true Saudia Shuler fashion, she instantly thought of a way to serve the community. 

"The greatest part about this is that we're recirculating the Black dollar. We come in to see a lot of vendors we're making," said Keesha White, Country Cookin business partner. "We're allowing people to be able to make their rent payments to be able to sustain themselves."

And ever since the first event last month, the market has continued to grow and shows no signs of slowing down with vending happening every weekend.  

From beauty products, books, to custom affordable prom dresses, Da Hood flea market has it all on display. 

For many of the entrepreneurs, starting their business was them "making a way out of no way."

"What y'all don’t know right now is I’m currently doing this homeless."


Natasha Robinson started her business Royal Scents during the pandemic. She makes food-like, 100 percent soy candles from hand to try to support her son

"The money will come later. It's just it just gives me time to not cry all day. You know, it gives me time not to worry about a car note or cell phone bill. So I'm just happy Saud put this together," said Natasha Robinson, Royal Scents. 

Shuler says ever since the flea market started, people have even told her there’s been less crime in the neighborhood. 

She attributes that to giving people in the community a chance to actually make a living for themselves. 

"I feel very blessed this is a very big opportunity to be able to network with different vendors," said Christiana Adams, Hooking Up Everything Crochet. 

Plus, for anyone going through a hard time, Shuler says just stay focused, positive, and continue to get that money or what she likes to call it…"shmoney."

"Just stay down until we all come up when I win, the community wins," she said. 

Da Hood Flea Market will be going on until restaurant renovations begin at the end of summer.