Delco support dog missing over a year found by police and returned home to grateful family

A Delaware County family dog had quite an adventure. The little pup disappeared from home more than a year ago and a 14-year-old boy lost his best friend and emotional support dog.

FOX 29 first met Christina Bolar and her then 14-year-old son with special needs in February 2022. They were desperate to find Amari’s emotional support dog, Rusteze. The little Boston Terrier, who never left Amrai’s side, got out from their Sharon Hill home.

"He’s a part of the family, but he’s also a part of his everyday life. We want him back. We just want him back," Christina explained, at the time.

Over the months, the family had lost all hope of ever finding Rusteze. That was until this week, when a Trainer police sergeant found a stray dog while out of patrol.

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"I observed a small, brown dog running towards this heavy highway. At that point, I know I had to get the dog out of there, so I jumped out of my car, zig zagged a bit, caught the dog and put him in my police car," Sgt. Rich Ostan, with the Trainer Police, explained.

Since Rusteze was microchipped through SPCA, it took less than an hour to track down Bolar, who was stunned. "He said your dog, Rusteze. I’m like, ‘Sir, he’s been gone for a very long time. There’s no way you found that dog,’ and he said, ‘We have him.’"

So, where has the dog been for the last 400 days? If only he could talk. The family believes someone else found the dog and never tried to find the original owner. Rusteze apparently ran away again. Maybe he knew it was time to get back to Amari, who is non-verbal. But, words didn’t need to be said.

"For my son, he was like, ‘That’s him.’ It was more so of a shock and surprise, all at the same time. It was just natural. He blended back into the house. He knew where to go, where his food was," Christina commented.

Now the family – once torn apart – has grown. Rusteze has a new sister, a Shitzu named Aspen. They get along great. The family is just hoping this little Terrier now stays put.

"He’s such a lover and he’s so friendly with kids and other people, I wouldn’t be surprised showing the same amount of love," Christina said.