Family trip to Delaware County store turns into life-changing moment they will never forget

A family just trying to make life easier for their son, walks out of a store with not just a new friend, but some life-changing help. The family walked out of a Delaware County Lowe’s extremely touched by a generous and caring act by one of the employees, and that act of kindness inspired others.

William Getty now has parallel bars to practice his steps.

"He was born very prematurely, just 23 weeks, so as a result, he has quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy and one of our goals for William is to get him walking," mom Jessica Getty said.

The parallel bars were, in many ways, a gift, not only to Will and his parents, but also to Dave Urban, who works at the Lowe’s in Brookhaven. He met Will and his parents in the PVC aisle.

"I thought I would just be finding some fittings, making a couple cuts and I saw Will and I found out what we were building," Urban explained.


Filled with purpose and resolve, Urban went above and beyond, spending half an hour fitting and cutting the pipes to the specifications the family researched and found.

"Then came the test. Will got up, out of his wheelchair and grabbed a hold of those bars," Urban said. "I think you saw that courageous smile of his. Sense of pride, it keeps getting me."

The family says it means the world to them. Will can use the parallel bars to practice walking forward, side to side and to pull himself up to stand.

"It was evident that it meant a lot to Dave, too, because he started to tear up, as we were, as he was building and it was just really cool, dad Mark Getty said.

Sister Olivia Getty added, "I just think that Dave was really nice to help my little brother build these things to help him walk."

Will demonstrated how far he can go, after one day of having the bars at home.

"It was just kindness that touched us and really meant the world to us," Jessica said.

"Just go the extra mile and it may reward you 100 times back," Urban stated.