Free program teaching local teens how to solve crimes with forensic science

A free program is teaching local teens the ins-and-outs of solving crime by using forensic science.

The Centers for Forensic Science, Research and Education at the Fredric Rieders Family Foundation in Willow Grove is running the 7-week program for 16-year-old high school students. 

"We have kids from Center City Philadelphia who are taking multiple buses to get here and kids from suburban areas who are driving here," Mandi Mohr told FOX 29. "It's so fun to watch them learn in a really cool environment." 


Students learn the basics of chemistry, biology and math to prep them for learning to use forensic science. Professional guide them through tests procedures in a lab that is equipped with everything the teens need to perform real forensic science techniques.

"They are handed a case that has different pieces of evidence that they take through and process. Each week they summarize their findings and present to our scientists," Mohr said. "They're getting cases and analyzing whose DNA was on that piece of evidence. 

The program concludes with the teens holding a mock trial that mimics a real courtroom environment.

"We have a judge that presides over their trial and they deliver the facts and the summary of the testing that they performed and what conclusions they were able to draw," Mohr said.

The program has extended the deadline to apply until Friday, May 12 and camp is set to start at the end of June.