I-95 collapse: Live camera shows real-time progress of interstate reconstruction

As the reconstruction of the collapsed section of I-95 begins in Philadelphia, local officials are keeping residents and commuters up to date with a live camera of the site. 

A section of the northbound lanes on the interstate collapsed on Sunday morning after a tanker truck carrying thousands of gallons of gasoline crashed at an off-ramp and burst into flames. 

The damage also made a portion of the southbound lanes unsafe for use, causing six lanes to be blocked off and creating traffic nightmares across the city and area. 

The tanker's driver, identified as 53-year-old Nathaniel Moody, did not survive, officials say. 

Quick funding from federal partners and a disaster declaration from Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro helped crews start working on plans to repair the damaged highway. 


On Wednesday, officials announced a plan to backfill the missing area with a recycled glass aggregate made in Pennsylvania. After the area is backfilled, it will be paved to allow motorists to return to the road as a separate bridge is built. 

"This approach will allow us to avoid delays through the shipment and supply chain issues and pursue a simple, quicker path," Shapiro said. "Once complete, cars and trucks can return to this stretch of I-95 and then we will work together to build a permanent bridge while making sure we keep six lanes of traffic open at all times." 

Authorities did not say when they anticipate the temporary and final solutions will be finished but said crews will work around the clock and rain or shine to finish repairs. 

"That means around the clock work that you see going on here during the demo phase is going to continue until this road is reopened," Shapiro said.

SKYFOX flew over I-95 as crews continue demolition of the southbound lanes and prepare to backfill the area. 

SKYFOX was live in Delaware County on Thursday morning as maintenance crews began transporting the materials to the collapse site. 

Residents can see the reconstruction progress in real-time by viewing the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation camera, here