'I was in survival mom mode': Woman rushes to save son and dogs during fire, explosions in Montgomery County

Kelly, a resident and mother, says she opened the front door to get to her 15-year-old son and dogs who were home alone after hearing about the chaos. The street in Lower Providence Township behind her was smokey popping with explosions.

"I was like in survival mom mode, my nerves, I didn’t even think about getting anything else. It was just getting them out and making sure we were all protected and all safe," she said.

Kelly’s camera caught pieces of the moments before she ran home to address the inferno. She says it captured her neighbor, 66-year-old Thomas Razzi, walking around another neighbor's car.

Lower Providence Police say a township code officer went to Razzi's home at noon for a follow-up inspection on hoarding conditions. They say Razzi displayed a gun and chased the officer away. Police then confronted Razzi in front of his home, ordering him to stop.

Razzi was unarmed and went back inside after police confrontation. Afterward, officers reported hearing a series of loud explosions and gunfire coming from the home and the smoke and flames started, ultimately destroying three townhomes and damaging three others.

Razzi's body was found in the rubble.

"I’ve never been in the service or anything but it literally just felt like bombs going off the ground, the house, even when we were inside everything was shaking," said Kelly. "Things can be replaced- you can’t replace people. I get that, but when you’ve created a home with your family with your children it’s a part of you - it’s almost like your second person there, it’s a home nobody wants to lose their home."

Kelly’s home is structurally sound following the fire, but her family cannot live there yet.

She says she’s nervous about what could come next.


Multiple homes damaged after standoff, explosions in Lower Providence Township

Suspect's body recovered after standoff led to explosions, fire in Lower Providence Twp.



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