Incomplete patchwork on large sinkhole poses as a hazard for Wissinoming residents

An incomplete patchwork job on a large sinkhole in Wissinoming has residents in the area frustrated that the city hasn't taken care of it yet. 

The sinkhole, which is currently covered with wood planks and sawhorse signs, has been posing as a hazard on the 4200 block of East Cheltenham Avenue since June. Residents say the hole is an eyesore and a traffic hazard, and they're working to figure out when it will be fixed. 

"We have complained, complained, complained and all we get is empty promises," said Daryl Childers, a resident in the neighborhood.

FOX 29 reached out to the Philadelphia Water Department and a spokesperson said they are looking into it. The Water Department put caution tape around the hole on Monday afternoon, but for Childers, that isn't good enough, and he says he feels like he isn't being heard. 

"We called 3-1-1 several times. They promised to get it fixed, and we even asked in subsequent calls to come out and put a plate over it or something, and they never did," he said. 


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Around the sinkhole, you can see where the road was patched before. Neighbors say this is the second time there's been an issue here, and this time, it's much worse. 

"I guess they fixed it wrong, and it sunk back in," said resident Eric Oliver. "They came out boarded it up and just left it. I gotta do my job, why can't they do theirs?"

The Childers are concerned that the hole will just keep getting worse and eventually start to affect other properties in the area. The sinkhole is also right next to a bus stop, which also raises concerns as kids wait for the bus at that spot every day. 

"The kids are out here waiting for the bus, and you know how kids play around and everything. They fall over there? Come on now. I think the city should be concerned about that if nothing else," said Childers. 

The Water Department told FOX 29 that the repairs have been scheduled and will take place as soon as possible. Customers can call the emergency hotline to report further issues at 215-685-6300.