Jeremy Piven stars in movie about growing up in Upper Darby written by local man

A local real estate developer wrote a movie centered around going to Upper Darby High School and coming home. The movie called "Last Call" got picked up and features a lot of big names.

Actor Jeremy Piven plays a guy named Mick, a successful real estate developer, who comes home to his offbeat blue-collar neighborhood he has always been trying to kind of escape.

"It's definitely Delco based. The town in the movie is called Darby Heights, which is somewhat related to Upper Darby," Greg Lingo, executive producer and co-writer, said.

Lingo, Upper Darby Class of 1990 and quarterback of the football team, co-wrote the movie and is executive producer.

He now lives in Wayne and yeah he is a successful real estate developer. He says the character Mick is loosely based around him. The whole cast really is a combination of a bunch of guys he grew up with.

"This is a slice of life comedy. It's really just a way to celebrate the intricacies and uniqueness of people and the bond we had they're very translatable whether you are from outside of Philly or inside Philly," Lingo explained.

The all-star cast also includes Bruce Dern, Taryn Manning, and fellow Upper Darbians Jamie Kenney and Cheri Oteri. Lingo says it's a collection of stories he and his old buddies from the neighborhood spent months putting together.

"I don't know that I set out to do this, but I'd like to do it again," Lingo added.

Paolo Pilladi is the director and he helped co-write and produce "Last Call." 

"It was set in Upper Darby and having grew up in Overbrook, I knew the world. I knew the world intimately, and I knew what he was trying to get out of it," he said.


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