Man killed in road rage shooting in Springfield Township identified, suspect remains at large

A man was killed in a morning shooting on Rt. 1 in Springfield after a road rage incident, according to Springfield police. 

Authorities say officers responded to reports of a vehicle crash and a shooting on S. State Road between Buttonwood Drive and Meetinghouse Lane, Wednesday, around 8:45 in the morning.

A 54-year-old man, identified as King Hua, and his wife were traveling south on State Road in the curb lane when another vehicle passed them on the shoulder of the road with a female driver and male passenger, per officials. 

According to investigators, witnesses told police they saw a road rage encounter between the two groups. 

Authorities say the male passenger in the car on the shoulder exited the vehicle and fired shots at the other car, striking the windshield and the Hua.

"The suspect’s vehicle pulls on to the shoulder of the road, got ahead of the victim’s vehicle, got out of the vehicle, fired two shots at the vehicle which permeated the window, killing the operator," Springfield Township Police Chief Daly described the incident.

The alleged shooter then fled out of Springfield and Hua was transported to the hospital where he died, police say. 


Springfield Police say the shooting was an isolated incident and that there is no danger to the public. 

Chief Daly released details on Twitter and said "The investigation into this outrageous, senseless, and needless death will be relentless and once identified this actor will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I want to reassure the public, that your Police Department, with full support of the Board of Commissioners will not tolerate this or any other type of crime in our community." 

During an afternoon press conference, Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer stated, "We are all working together, the entire Delaware County law enforcement community has made it a priority to solve this case. Delaware County law enforcement will not stop until we bring the killer to justice."

Chief Daly went on, "We are not going to stop until we have these individuals in custody. This is Springfield Township. This kind of stuff will not be tolerated here. Our community is a very peaceful community and if you come here to commit a crime, we’re going to find you. We’re going to arrest you. We’re going to prosecute you. If you flee, we’re going to aggressively pursue you, we’re going to hunt you down and we’re going to lock you up."

Jackie Washco works from home on Wednesdays, "I heard two loud pops and a crash."

"And, you’re thinking?" asked FOX 29’s Jeff Cole.

"I’m thinking it’s just a daily, typical accident. Fender bender. Happens here all the time," Washco replied.

The road was blocked by yellow tape while police launched drones to record the scene.

"I came outside and I see the car, the wheels bent. The woman was out of her car. She was screaming for help, ‘My husband is dead, call an ambulance!’"

"This was a road rage incident over a vehicle moving slower than the rest of traffic. That’s what this appears to be, nothing more," Chief Daly added.

Hua's only daughter said her father worked as a nail technician and immigrated to the United States from Vietnam more than 20 years ago for a better life. 

Police say they’re scouring for video of the shooter or the vehicle and are urging the public to help them.

DA Stollsteimer said rage coupled with weapons is a deadly mix. "It happens all over America. Probably has a lot to do with the easy access to firearms for people who shouldn’t have them."