Man with 12 DUIs learns his fate after most recent road rage arrest in Delaware County

A 12-time DUI offender from Delaware County is going to state prison for as long as 11 years after facing a judge in Media court Monday afternoon.

Before his sentencing, Mark Perrotta enjoyed lunch as a free man for the last time in a long time. He spoke of his future, and if he expected to be jailed.

"Absolutely," he told Fox 29’s Jeff Cole. "I have no idea how long. It’s up to God."  

The Delaware County man was awaiting sentencing for his 12th DUI on July 15, 2023, which was part of a road rage incident he pleaded guilty to.

"To walk a mile is all I can say," Perrota said. "All I can tell you is walk a mile. Obviously, I have issues, you know what I mean. They finally sent me to rehabilitation, and I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder."


On the second floor of Delaware County court in Media, Judge Dominic Pileggi detailed the 60-year old’s decades of DUI convictions and license suspensions starting in 1982. 

He expressed amazement that Perrotta hadn’t killed anyone, stating that he was concerned Perrotta had not "come to terms" with what he’d done. 

The judge then sentenced Perrotta to a minimum of 4 years and a maximum of 11 in state prison.

Defense attorney Steve Schukraft, speaking after the sentencing, said, 

"Twelve DUIs is a lot of DUIs," Defense Attorney Steve Schukraftsaid after the sentencing. "But he never received the treatment he should have received, and he went to impatient treatment and completed that."

Before facing the judge, Perrotta said, "I’m a man. I get knocked down I have to get up again. I have to keep moving." 

When asked what he thought was a fair sentence, he said, "whatever God thinks is fair. I’m not the judge."

Following the sentencing, the owner of a plumbing, heating, and air conditioning company, who is married with adult children, was cuffed in court and taken away.