'No party for America': Pro-choice rallies held at the yard of Independence Mall on the 4th of July

Crowds of people in Philadelphia feel as though the Fourth of July is not a day to celebrate as many gathered for pro-choice rallies to protest the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Protesters demanded that the government restore nationwide legal abortion rights outside of Independence Mall in Old City on the Fourth of July. Several groups had a loud and clear message: the Roe v. Wade reversal takes away the meaning of Independence Day. 

"America absolutely does not deserve a birthday party this year," said pro-choice advocate, Hannah Gershony. "No party for America." 

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Mayor Jim Kenney also joined the crowd of advocates, addressing the importance of voting and stating that our country is moving backwards. 

"When we think about all the things this country has achieved despite its racism, despite its misogyny, we actually got to a point where we were starting to make progress," said Mayor Kenney. "Along came Donald Trump and those appointments to the Supreme Court, and now we are marching backwards."


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Pro-life advocates also joined the crowd to thwart the pro-choice messages. 

"It’s a slippery slope. If it’s alright to kill an unborn child, then it might be alright to kill somebody you disagree with, somebody you hate, somebody who is elderly, somebody who is disabled," said pro-life advocate, Ed O’Donnell. 

A second round of protestors met up with the nationwide "Rise Up for Abortion Rights Movement," who were rallying with the slogan, "When women are not free, no one is free." 

Abortion remains legal in Pennsylvania, but that could very well change depending on the governor election results.