Organization provides free cameras for homes, businesses in West Philadelphia to fight crime

A Philadelphia organization is doing its part to thwart crime and violence in local communities by giving out free cameras to residents and businesses. 

The Safe Corridors program focuses on neighborhoods in West Philadelphia that are far too often besieged by gun violence. More than 760 people have applied for a free camera, made possible through a $182k grant from the state with the help of Rep. Amen Brown. 

"We're putting power in the hands of residents by giving away free cameras to residents and businesses in these areas," President of the West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative Jabari Jones said. 

Law enforcement officials have said the explosion in home surveillance cameras have helped investigators track down criminals. While Philadelphia police won't have access to the cameras, they will know where they are and can ask for footage if something happens. 

"We want residents to feel safe in their communities. We want them to be safe to shop, feel safe to be able to leave their homes, safe to be able to go to work every day," Jones said. 

Homes and businesses are chose based on their proximity to the highest crime areas. Jones said the program has received maps from the Philadelphia Police Department and Delaware Valley Intelligence Center that have pin-pointed violent crimes by block. 

"We're going to try to target those areas that have the highest crimes for these camera give-a-ways," Jones said. 

Anyone who would like to apply for a free camera can visit the organization's website.




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