Over half-million rounds of ammo go missing from Cabela's Christiana store, officials say

Cabelas Bought by Bass Pro Shops "A Leaf on a Stream" sculpture outside the Hamburg Cabelas store. Photo by Bill Uhrich 7/11/1027 (Photo By MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

It's been months since an alarming number of rounds went missing from a Cabela's in Delaware, and now the store's lack of action is being called into question.

More than 500,000 rounds of ammunition have been stolen from the retailer's Christiana store in less than a year, according to the state's DOJ.

Officials believe the New Castle County location was targeted due to its "hands-off approach to shoplifting."

An investigation revealed that the ammunition was being stored unsecured in the middle of the sales floor at the time of the thefts. It was reportedly relocated to behind the sales counter following a subpoena from the DOJ.


It is believed that a large portion of the stolen ammunition was sold to drug dealers and other criminals in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

"In the wrong hands, a single round of ammunition can take a life — but Cabela’s watched a half-million rounds walk out the door," Attorney General Kathy Jennings said. "Ammo isn’t candy. It shouldn’t be left on a sales floor without a meaningful effort to deter shoplifting."

Cabela's has yet to "meaningfully" respond to a subpoena issued three months ago, officials say as they investigate whether the store violated various laws.