Pa. Congressman announces $51 billion, 7-point plan to combat gun violence

U.S. Representative Dwight Evans is proposing an expansive $51 billion program to fight violence in Philadelphia and across the country.

Evans unveiled the program at a gathering of politicians, law enforcement and doctors outside Temple University Hospital Thursday.

Evans said, If approved, the program would support police, fund local anti-violence efforts, link residents to health care, provide job training and pump-up federal law enforcement.


He predicted the U.S. Senate is going to pass the plan because he said he would work to get members to pass it. He could not predict when that would happen.

Mayor Jim Kenney, long a critic of state gun laws, spoke of a recent trip to Madrid, Spain where he said he walked at one in the morning never fearing an attacker with a gun.

Kenney urged state legislators to force gun owners to tell police when a firearm is lost or stolen.

Representative Evans faced sharp questioning on his proposal in light of the recent spike in shootings in Philadelphia over Easter weekend.

Evans said he’s aware of the pain gun violence is causing adding he "…sees it every single day."