Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner defends gun violence record

After another violent weekend, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner is defending his record and says he is tackling the ongoing violence. He voiced his ongoing commitment to curbing the violence in front of students, who have lost too many classmates over the past year. 

"Most recently, I have lost a classmate that I have been with since first grade," stated student Aja Moore.

Moore and Cayla Waddington know all about the impact of gun violence, as five fellow students at their charter high school lost their lives this past year to gun violence.

"It’s just unfair that this stuff happens to people that had nothing to do with it," Moore added.

Moore and Waddington attended DA Larry Krasner’s weekly gun violence press conference because they’re part of a monthly listening session with the DA’s office and fellow students on gun violence and ways to, hopefully, combat it.

"Knowing that we have a platform to share our voices and opinions is empowering," said Cayla.

The DA meanwhile, again, defended his record on gun violence. He continues to take strong criticism from some who say gun arrests are increasing, bail is too low and convictions are decreasing.

"The conviction rate for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office for shootings and non-fatal shootings before the courts were closed was nearly 85 percent," DA Krasner stated.

Krasner says his office argues for high bail and is working closely with police to improve gun cases and prosecutions. DNA is now being taken from seized weapons and suspects. They check Instagram and other social media for suspects with guns and have assistant DA’s in the Police Intelligence Unit on hand as gun arrests happen to offer advice on gathering evidence for stronger cases.

"There have been and there will continue to be very serious consequences for those people who are involved in shootings or gun homicides," Krasner added.



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