Philadelphia non-profit offering free courses on responsible gun ownership, safety

You don't have to scroll for long on a neighborhood Facebook page to find a post about a carjacking in Philadelphia.

A non-profit in Northeast Philadelphia is tired of neighbors becoming victims or hurting themselves and others by trying to defend themselves.

Roman Zhukov started NE Phila Connected because he saw his neighbors' frustration over the violence in the city and wanted to help.

"I have a child and it’s selfish to say, but I want him to grow up in a better environment," Zhukov said. "I want him to be okay walking himself to school, I want him to be okay to feel safe on the playground, I want him to go to school where there are no fights or guns involved."

There’s been a rise in carjackings in his area and that prompted him to team up with Roman Kourinnoi, a certified concealed carry instructor, to offer free courses to educate people about gun ownership and how to handle them safely.

The first class is about having a plan and how to avoid situations.

"I won 100% of the fights I wasn’t involved in," Kourinnoi said. "We are going to talk about situational awareness, how not to put yourself in a situation where you will be carjacked."

The second class goes into the legal and emotional aspects of having or firing a gun, and things to do when the police arrive.

Class three focuses on basic firearm safety where they use these unloaded gun simulators. This leads up to the fourth class when participants will learn how to handle real guns.

"There are legal issues that come after you use the firearms," Kourinnoi said. "There are emotional issues.  You’re not going to be the same if you decide to use that firearm. We will cover that and we want people to make educated decisions if they decide to use a firearm."

They anticipate filling up the classes quickly, and they’d like to expand it to more people. You can learn more about NE Phila Connected here.




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