South Philly steak heist: Boxes of beef stolen from back of truck near Lincoln Financial Field

When a Philly cheesesteak craving turns criminal…

Police are looking for five suspects after another tractor trailer was robbed overnight, with more than a dozen boxes of beef now missing.

The truck operator told police he was parked in the Jetro parking lot near Lincoln Financial Field when he felt his truck shake.

When he walked towards the rear, he saw three people in the cargo area, and another two sitting in a parked car.


"We're only taking a little," one of the suspects allegedly told the driver as he motioned towards his hip.

He then dropped a box before all five suspects fled in a silver Ford Explorer, according to authorities.

Police say approximately 15 boxes of frozen meat were stolen in total. It's unclear how much the boxes were worth.

This heist comes just a few weeks after $73,000 worth of crabs were stolen from a truck in North Philadelphia.