Pit bull shot and killed by off-duty Philadelphia officer during multi-dog attack: police

Police say an off-duty officer fatally shot one of three pit bulls attacking a woman in Southwest Philadelphia Tuesday morning.

The officer was driving in his personal vehicle when he saw a woman being attacked by several dogs on the 1500 block of South 58th Street.

The dogs' owner tried to stop the attack, but it ended when the officer fired his service weapon several times, according to police.


One dog was found dead in the owner's backyard, while the owner was able to gain control of the second dog.

The third dog has yet to be located.

The victim, a 52-year-old woman, suffered bite wounds to her leg, arm and head. She is said to be in stable condition.

Police say the officer, a 2-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.