Toddler reunited with mother after being taken in stolen car at Philadelphia gas station

Authorities say a toddler who was in the backseat of a car when it was stolen Thursday evening in Philadelphia was safely reunited with his mother.

The theft happened at the Sunoco gas station at the intersection of Belfield and Ogontz avenues sometime before 6 p.m. 

The gas station manager Sunil Kumar told FOX 29's Jennifer Joyce that the child's mother went inside to pay for gas and left the child sleeping in the backseat.

Kumar believes a juvenile who comes to the station every day to pump gas for tips was the person who hopped in the car and took off with the child.


"He comes here every day, I didn't realize he was a bad person," Kumar said.

According to police, the car thief let the child out of the car about half a mile away from the gas station near the intersection of 17th and Courtland streets.

The child, who police say is non-verbal, was reunited with his mother and taken to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for evaluation.

Police are still searching for the vehicle and the suspected car thief.