Police warn of alleged police impersonator after woman stopped leaving Wawa in Bucks County

Reports of a police impersonator in Bucks County have sparked an investigation by a local police department this weekend.

The alleged impersonator pulled over a 31-year-old woman as she left a Wawa on West Trenton Avenue in Morrisville around midnight Saturday.

Police say the suspect is a man in his 30s wearing a plain dark uniform with a gold badge, carrying a flashlight. He is said to be driving a black or blue SUV with interior blue and red lights at the dashboard.


During the phony traffic stop, police say the fake officer donned a gold badge and asked for the woman's license, registration and proof of insurance. He returned the items after a short period of time and let the woman go, according to police.

"We don't want to have somebody out there pretending to be law enforcement and pulling citizens over, and god knows what can happen," Falls Township Police Chief Nelson Whitey said.  "This is something we take very seriously."

Police are also urging anyone concerned about the legitimacy of a traffic stop to pull into a well lit area and call 911 to verify.