Radnor High School drops Raiders mascot for Raptors

The Radnor School Board on Tuesday voted unanimously to change the mascot of Radnor High School from the Raiders to the Raptors. 

The vote comes after nearly 1,000 students from 8 to 12 grade selected the Raptors nickname last June. 

The school district received almost 100 new name suggestions. The committee narrowed it down to eight – Dragons, Griffons or Gryphons, Hawks, the letter "R", Phoenix, Rain Frogs and Ruckus.

The school board in September voted to remove the Raider and the Native American imagery, which sparked some controversy among members of the community and alumni. 

"A lot of people voted no to those in the committee because those names don’t carry meaning where the Raider has so much history and meaning to all the students, alumni and parents," Cackie Martin told FOX 29 in April.

Reese Hillman, a part of the group Radnor for Reform, understands people are connected to the name, but said Raider is wrong.

"I feel the reason they are connected is because they love our school and think the best path forward for our school to ensure they can be proud of our school is to completely rid our school of this harmful affiliation," Reese explained.

Radnor High School's new Raptor moniker will be depicted as a bird of prey.


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