Rash of house, car egging incidents has Lower Makefield Township residents upset as police investigate

It may seem like a small prank, but it comes at a pretty big cost for people in Bucks County, after their homes and cars were egged.

"It's very aggravating," said a resident. The woman displayed pictures of a driveway spattered with eggs and not far away from her house, in Lower Makefield Township, she says she found egg cartons.

"I don't know why kids would throw them literally in the street," she said. The woman and her husband don’t want to be identified since their property was hit twice. Someone egged one of their cars on August 12th which they noticed the next morning and then their house nearly two weeks later.

"It took me a good hour to clean up in the pouring rain on Friday to get the eggs," she said. It can be a costly prank.

"You have to get your car repainted and you could be talking about thousands of dollars," said her husband.


It can be dangerous too. The couple showed FOX 29’s Shawnette Wilson a post and picture on their neighborhood Nextdoor app where someone says their car was egged while they were driving.

"It's not a funny joke," said the woman.

Lower Makefield Township Police say it's part of a rash of car and house egging.

"Over this past weekend, we've had four such reports and over the month, probably about a total seven," said Detective Sergeant Brian Omlor. He says it's happening in different neighborhoods and mostly ten at night into the overnight.

"It's quite possibly the act of one person or one group of people but, yeah, that'd be something we'd have to determine through investigation," he said.

Another resident who doesn’t want to show her face says last Sunday night, around 10, she heard the front of her home being hit.

"I heard pop, pop, pop, pop," said the woman and she showed the cracked eggshells still in the landscaping after they had to get a power washer.

"Money is tight right now. It's not a great time for this to be happening and we just want the police officers to really crack down and figure out who is doing this and why they are doing this," she said.

As news spreads, people who thought it was an isolated incident are now posting on social media that it happened to them. Anyone with video of possible suspects or, suspect vehicles are urged to contact Detective Campbell at 267-274-1165.