Red light warnings: Over 5,200 issued at these Pennsylvania intersections in just 30 days

Attention red light violators! It may be a warning now, but the grace period is coming to an end.

Bensalem Police launched their Automated Red-Light Enforcement at the intersections of Street and Knights roads and Route 1 at Old Lincoln Highway on April 1.

In the first 30 days, police say they have issued more than 5,200 warnings to vehicle owners for red light violations.

However, beginning June 1, any driver who fails to stop for a red light will face a $100 fine.


Police are urging drivers to remember to slow down for a steady yellow signal.

"Too often, drivers speed up on a yellow light to ‘beat’ the red light or exit the turn lane and ‘cut the corner’ to complete a left turn before the light turns red," police say.

A violation will occur when the front of the vehicle is behind the white stop line when the light turns red, and continues through the intersection despite the red signal.