Roe vs. Wade: Local women's centers are open in Pa., NJ, Del.

For those seeking abortions, local women’s centers want them to know they are not alone and that it’s up to them to make decisions for their bodies.

"Our patients are really comfortable with the decision that they’re making today, so a lot of them are coming feeling confident," said Amanda Kifferly, of the Philadelphia Women’s Center.

Managers at the Philadelphia Women’s Center near Chinatown say medical staffers are assisting women seeking abortions while wearing bulletproof vests, one day after the high court struck down Roe vs. Wade.

Tensions are just that high.


"It’s really uncomfortable to have to see all these protestors outside. Our patients are here for a medical procedure. It’s the worst thing to do to show up to try to ruin someone’s day," Kifferly explained.

Outside, pro-life activists make their voices heard.

"I’ve held babies who’ve been saved at the last minute," Laura Gies said. She is one of the anti-abortion activists holding fliers and signs, asking those seeking abortions to reconsider. "The Lord God says I give you life, I give you death. Choose life that you may live as well as your child. Don’t choose abortion."

Even after the Supreme Court ruling, abortions remain legal in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. In New Jersey and Delaware, the right to an abortion is enshrined by the state's constitution or legislature.

With so much at stake, both sides say they are especially focused on making sure they are mobilized and that their candidates have the best chance of getting elected in the November midterms.