South Jersey high school teacher under fire after student recorded her cursing at and degrading students

A New Jersey high school student says he recorded his teacher cursing at his class and now his parents are calling on the school district to fire her. 

Parents of a Winslow Township High School student are outraged after they say their son's teacher was caught on camera cursing and using derogatory language towards the students. For them, the even more outrageous part is that their son was suspended for four days after the school found out that he had recoded the teacher. 

Jai Wright, a student at Winslow Township High School, admits that using his cell phone in class is banned, but he says he recorded his teacher's tirade because it was not the first time she used profanity and degrading language during class. 

Wright says his teacher began yelling at him because he has his phone on at his desk, but he did not pick it up and start recording until she started cursing at him and calling the class, full of Black students, a "zoo." 

"Stop coming to my (expletive) class and disrespecting me, cause I'm over it," the teacher said in one of Wright's videos. 


Pastor David Wright, Jai's father, says the teacher apologized for using foul language in class back in November and the district assured him that action would be taken. 

"My son has been dealing with this for a while and sometimes wonder why he didn't want to go to school. I'm used to a teacher being able to grade my son, but not degrade my son," Pastor Wright said. "These words that she was using to describe my son, calling him an ‘(expletive) idiot’ and a ‘(expletive),’ in front of the class caused him to be so depressed."

Wright says he is just disappointed that his teacher would curse at him and his classmate, and after he was suspended for four days, his parents and Civil Rights activist Rev. Kevin McCall want to know what kind of disciplinary action has been taken against the teacher. 

"We don't know what kind of mental anguish this teacher is going through, but it should not be on the backs of our children," said Rev. Kevin McCall. 

FOX 29's Monica Evans reached out to the teacher and the school district, but was told no one was available for comment.