Summer curfew being enforced for teens in this Delaware County city

The City of Chester says an uptick in "criminal activity involving juveniles" has prompted police to enforce a new curfew this summer.

"Because of their lack of maturity and life experience, children are particularly susceptible to peer pressure, mob mentality, or becoming victims of older offenders," Chester police said in their announcement Tuesday.

The new curfew will require anyone under 18 years old to be inside their home from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. through August 31.

If not accompanied by a parent, the only exceptions include commuting to or from work, school activities and interstate travel.


Any juvenile found violating the curfew will be offered a ride home if needed, or a citation.

Police say they hope the move will help prevent youth-involved crime while promoting parental supervision and public safety.

"This summer, the City of Chester Police Department is asking that parents monitor the activity of their children and ensure that they are following the established curfew."

If you see juveniles out after curfew, the police ask you to call 911.