Suspect in assault of off-duty police officer arrested at Philadelphia hotel: Marshals

U.S. Marshals in Philadelphia arrested a suspect sought for an assault on an off-duty police officer earlier this month. 

Arthur Jones was arrested Tuesday morning at a hotel in Southwest Philadelphia, Marshals announced in a post on X. 

A $5,000 reward was previously offered for Jones' arrest in connection to the assault of Philadelphia officer Eric Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, a 9-year member of the Philadelphia police force, was driving home when he came upon a large crowd and a BMW blocking part of Oxford Avenue. 

Investigators say Rodriguez, 42, waited for four minutes and three red light cycles before he honked his horn and asked for the car to move so he could get by. 

That's when, according to investigators, 24-year-old Khamil Brown – also known as Duke – approached the officer's car and punched him in the face.

Dennis, who has since been arrested, allegedly took out a handgun after the officer exited his car and identified himself as law enforcement, police said. 

A struggle ensued between the officer and Dennis at which time police said Yusef Coleman approached the officer from behind and placed him in a headlock. 


More arrests made in assault, robbery of off-duty Philadelphia police officer

A 9-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department was robbed of his personal firearm during an assault this past weekend.

Investigators say Rodriguez and Coleman fought over Coleman's gun, forcing the magazine to fall out of the firearm. Rodriguez managed to point the gun away from the crowd and safely fire the bullet that remained in the chamber. No one was injured by gunfire.

Rodriguez was then beaten by members of a crowd that police previously estimated to be around a dozen people, and his personal firearm was taken. 

The crowd dispersed when on-duty officers arrived. Coleman, according to police, fled the scene in a black BMW that struck Rodriguez's leg as it drove by. 

Coleman was found by police and the stolen firearm was recovered. He was charged with assault of a law enforcement officer, robbery, and numerous other crimes. 

Rodriguez was treated at Temple University Hospital for a black eye, facial bruises, and a leg injury. He will be placed on administrative leave after he recovers from his injuries per the department's policy.