Tenants in luxury King of Prussia apartment building fed up, claim no hot water in almost a month

Some residents in a luxury apartment building in King of Prussia are fed up.

Several tenants have come forward to FOX 29 to say they have not had working hot water in nearly a month.

"It’s considered to be a luxury building," said Julia Schwarz, who pays $3900 a month for her three-bedroom apartment at Skye 750 on Moore Road.

Other tenants, who spoke with FOX 29 in person, and also sent written statements, say they had the same issue since the building announced they were temporarily shutting the water off for emergency repairs on March 13th.

"Dishes can’t get done, laundry can’t get done," said Jack Hally, a tenant since January.

Schwarz turned the water on for us in her unit around 1:45 p.m., with a digital thermometer.

"It’s only 98 right now, because nobody else in the building is showering. When you shower at 8 a.m, when everybody else is showering, there’s too many people trying to take a shower at the same time and the hot water is depleted," she said. 

After running the water for a few minutes, the temperature peaked at 102 degrees.

Schwarz provided FOX 29 with e-mails she says tenants received from building management.


On March 15, the email stated, in part, vendors are working diligently to restore the hot water. On April 3, an email stated, in part, they sincerely apologize for the recent water issue and their team is working diligently to rectify the situation. On April 4, they emailed, in part, an option for their team to come out to individual units still experiencing the issue. They added, "as we receive more updates from the vendors at engineers our final or system, we will send an update."

The most recent e-mail did include dates later this week that tenants can expect the first floor amenities, like the gym, to reopen. Schwarz and Hally say they have been closed since March 15th due to a burst pipe. 

"We’ve reached out them asking for direct resolution, direct communication, what is the timeline, what is your plan of action, how do you intend to compensate residents?" said Schwarz. "And all of those emails are met with vague and generic responses."

Hally feels the only fair compensation is to get money back for every day they don’t have working hot water.

"At this point the Phillies are going to win the World Series before the water is fixed in this building and that can’t happen."

FOX 29 reached out to Skye 750 management through e-mail and the phone and we are still waiting to hear back.