Montgomery County man accused of stealing from Home Depot over 130 times in less than a year

A Montgomery County man is facing charges after investigators say he stole from a local Home Depot over 130 times in less than a year. 

Jason Davis surrendered to police in Plymouth Township last Friday in connection to the months-long crime spree at Home Depot on Wood Road.

Investigators estimate Davis stole from the store at least 132 times starting last July, and often used a "ticket switching" scheme to pull off the thefts. 

Ticket-switching occurs when the price of merchandise is altered by changing the bar code of an expensive item with that of a less expensive piece of merchandise.


Investigators say Davis also failed to scan items at the self-checkout register. In total, it's estimated that he stole upwards of $20,000 worth of items. 

During several thefts, investigators say Davis was wearing a paramedic uniform from his job with a local EMS Agency. It's alleged that during at least five thefts, Davis had small children with him. 

Davis was charged with two counts of retail theft, receiving stolen property, and corruption of minors.