'These children really need our help': Philadelphia non-profit hands out 500 gifts to families in need

Santa Claus may have already made his rounds, but plenty of helpful elves in the form of volunteers are making sure everyone gets a Christmas in Philadelphia.

"The important thing now is to take care of the children, and really give them the joy of Christmas," said Brian Jenkins, executive director of Chosen 300 Ministries. 

The local non-profit handed out warm meals and over 500 wrapped gifts to families and children in need on Christmas Day.

"This is about Jesus Christ being born, bringing joy to the world, and giving his ultimate gift to us," Jenkins said. "We are simply reciprocating it and extending that love."


Volunteers come together every year to lend a helping hand and provide a Christmas to as many families as possible. Children can receive gifts, take them home and truly enjoy.

"These children really need our help…" Jenkins said. "Christmas is sometimes not an option for these families."

This year came together without a hitch, allowing the group to provide enough gifts for two separate operations.

"People are very generous this year," he said. "We didn’t have to beg and scrounge and try to find toys - they came in."

Jenkins, a foster kid himself, is devoted to preventing any child the experience of waking up on Christmas without anything to open.

"To be able to say, ‘I have something that’s mine,’ brings joy to their hearts," Jenkins said. "To be able to walk out with their heads up, and say ‘Somebody thought of me.’"