Three men arrested for targeting elderly Pennsylvania women in 'Grandparents Scams,' police say

A heartbreaking scam targeting elderly people across the country has reportedly found two recent victims in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania State Police say three men have been arrested in connection to two separate "Grandparent Scams" in the area.

The first incident occurred on July 27, when an 88-year-old woman from Northampton County reported a scam phone call. She told police a man identifying himself as her grandson said he needed money to get out of jail. Another man, who reportedly said he was her grandson's attorney, then asked her for $6,500.

She withdrew the money, then contacted police, who arrested 25-year-old Elvis Isaac Polanco when he reportedly came to her home to collect the money.

Polanco was charged with theft and arraigned on $65,000 bail.


On August 9, an 87-year-old woman from Lehigh County reported a similar story about a man requesting $8,800 cash. The man, identifying as her grandson, said he was in prison and in need of money to get out.

Police say two suspects were then arrested when they came to retrieve the cash from the woman. Police have identified the suspects as 29-year-old Christopher Robles Negron, and 27-year-old Edwin Al Torrez Herrera. They were both charged with theft, and had bail set at $15,000.