Tractor trailer strikes, gets stuck under a Delaware County Amtrak bridge

SkyFOX was over an accident scene Wednesday afternoon after a tractor trailer struck a beam of an Amtrak bridge in Delaware County and got stuck. 

The bright yellow bridge, located at 11th and Lincoln Avenues in Prospect Park, has significant damage after the tractor trailer crashed into it, according to Prospect Park Police Chief Dave Madonna. These accidents seem to happen often in this area as the truck drivers think they have clearance to pass underneath the bridge, which is only 12 feet, 6 inches high.

Businesses in the area say the impact was so loud, they could hear the "bang" when it happened.  

"Yes, it's a very loud sound. It does happen a lot here," said Dana Wright, manager of the Ray of Light Beauty Salon, located on the corner near the accident scene. "It's scary a little bit because it rattles the buildings."


Prospect Park police say they closed down the area roads to keep the scene safe because the damage affected the overpass of the bridge, too. Chief Madonna, frustrated that this is becoming a common occurrence, says the damage is so significant that they could not safely allow traffic to flow as normal. 

"There's no mistaking the height. It is what it is, and some people just aren't paying attention to the signs," said Chief Madonna. "They're clearly marked as far as you can see, at least a mile out, so for it to keep happening, it's just people disregarding the signage."

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In Newark, Delaware, DelDOT installed "clackers" to warn drivers about the upcoming low bridges. So far, officials say the "clackers" seem to be working, but Chief Madonna says he just wants drivers to pay attention to the road. 

"You can't just look at the GPS on your phone and expect it to navigate under a bridge like this," said Chief Madonna.

The bridge is expected to reopen either late into Wednesday night or Thursday morning, according to officials.