Turtley inspiring! 8-year-old boy makes it his mission to save baby turtles in Ocean City

A young boy in Ocean City is proving that you can make a difference at any age - one baby turtle at a time.

Owen Hoffman has been saving baby turtles for years, rescuing some from a drain just yesterday!

"I was trying to get them out, and put them in a safe spot where there is mud and grass," Owen said.

The 8-year-old says turtles lay hundreds of eggs near his house, and he just wants to give their babies a better chance of reaching the marsh.


Owen is even teaching the neighborhood kids how they can help, with one simple rule: Don't turn them around! 

He says t's important to put the turtles back in the same direction they were headed.

And while the young rescuer doesn't name all the baby turtles he saves, his mom says he makes sure to say good-bye to each one!