Victim gunned down in Kensington restaurant after being chased by shooter still on the loose

Philadelphia police say a terrifying chase ended with a brutal killing inside a Chinese takeout restaurant in Kensington late Monday night.

The 27-year-old man was found lying face down with multiple gunshot wounds to the body. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Surveillance captured the shooter getting out of his car on the 700 block of East Ontario Street around 11 p.m.

He then fired several shots as he chased the victim in the takeout area of the restaurant, according to authorities.

"The shooter stands over the victim and fires multiple shots into the victim while he’s lying face down on the floor," Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said.


The suspect fled the scene, driving off in a small red SUV.

Police say one other person was inside the restaurant at the time. They are hoping to track them down as a witness.

Several cameras in the area are also being reviewed for evidence as police investigate the homicide and search for the suspected shooter.