Video: Chaos erupts on SEPTA bus in Philadelphia after masked juveniles assault, shoot passengers, police say

Investigators with the Philadelphia Police Department's Shooting Investigation Group are asking for the public's help to identify a juvenile suspect related to a shooting. 

According to officials, the shooting erupted on a SEPTA Route 33 bus on May 17, just before noon. 

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Police say a large group of juveniles wearing masks boarded the bus at the 20th and Diamond streets stop in North Philadelphia and immediately began attacking passengers. 

Video surveillance of the incident was released by police on Thursday, showing chaos on the bus after the group boarded. 


Officials say one of the juvenile suspects hit a passenger with a gun, causing it to discharge and hit two 18-year-old passengers in their legs. 

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After the shooting, the group got off the bus and fled west on the 2100 block of Diamond Street.

In a statement, A SEPTA spokesperson tells FOX 29:

"Customers take over 600,000 trips per day on SEPTA, and the vast majority get to-and-from their destinations without any problems. We are, however, extremely concerned about incidents of violent crime, particularly when a gun is involved. We are responding with a more visible police presence on the system and we are increasing the size of our police force by hiring more officers. We are also using technology to enhance how we use our vast system of over 30,000 surveillance cameras, including a new virtual patrol unit and a gun-detection pilot program that uses artificial intelligence. If someone commits a violent crime on SEPTA, they are going to be caught on surveillance video, and SEPTA Police will identify and arrest them."

People who frequent the area of Diamond Street said the violence is upsetting, but not surprising.

"Just sitting there, minding their business, trying to go to work, and you can’t even do that because people have nothing else to do besides terrorizing the streets they live in. It’s confusing," said Jarmisha Cooper.

"Honestly man, just stuff that happens all the time. In a fashion, it’s wrong. We’re used to it but, it’s also a shame because a lot of the young kids are dying," said Anthony Ponder.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said everyone needs to play a role in combating gun violence among youth.

"It’s obviously incredibly heartbreaking to see so many young people who are being shot or being injured and to see other young people at the other end of the gun," said DA Krasner.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Philadelphia Police Department at 215-686-8477 or submit an anonymous tip online here