Video: Ax-wielding suspects break into North Philly store during gunpoint robbery

Philadelphia police are searching for two suspects wanted in an armed robbery at a North Philadelphia store. 

It happened early Wednesday morning, at 2:25 a.m. inside a business on the 8200 block of West Venango Street.

Police have released surveillance video of the incident that begins with one of the suspects repeatedly hitting a security door with an axe. While the first suspect pounds away at the door, the second can be seen pointing a handgun at an employee inside. 

Once the suspects manage to breach the door, the second suspect continues to point his gun at the employee as he demands money. 


The ax-wielding suspect then goes through the register, grabbing $750 cash and two cartons of cigarettes. 

The suspects then fled on foot and were last seen heading south on 9th Street. 

No injuries were reported during the incident. 

Anyone with information about the incident or suspects is asked to contact police.