Video: Suspect sought in officer-involved shooting outside Powelton nightclub

Authorities are searching for a man who they say opened fire on a police officer and security guard outside a Philadelphia nightclub over the weekend. 

According to investigators, the suspect got into a fight with a security guard inside the club on the 4000 block of Lancaster Street early Saturday morning. Jason Hendershot from the Philadelphia Police Department said the fight started when the suspect left the and tried to re-enter without paying again.

The fight spilled outside the club and police say the suspect walked down Lancaster Street to retrieve a gun from his car. He returned minutes later and fired nearly a dozen times towards the officer and security guard who were standing outside the club.

Nobody was hit by gunfire, but Hendershot said it was "very evident" that the suspect was aiming for the officer and security guard. The Philadelphia Police Department shared nightclub security footage of the shooter standing across the street when he opened fire. 

Following a fight with a security guard, police believe the suspect went to a car to retrieve a gun and opened fire on an officer and security guard outside the club.

Both the officer, a 16-year veteran, and the armed security guard returned fire as the suspect fled to a silver vehicle. Hedershot said it's "presumable" that the officer and security guard both missed the fleeing suspect. 

In addition to security footage, investigators shared still images of the suspect from inside the club. Authorities believe the unidentified man could live in New Jersey based on the identification he provided when he entered the club. 

Anyone with information about the suspect's whereabouts is asked to contact the Philadelphia Police Department or call local authorities.




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