Woman, 75, charged for stabbing death of 81-year-old man in New Jersey home

An elderly man was stabbed to death over the weekend, according to officials, who have charged a woman with his murder.

Gary Johnson, 81, was found with multiple stab wounds to his head and body inside a home on Lewis Drive in Mays Landing on Sunday.

He was pronounced dead on scene, and his body was transported to the medical examiner's office.

Johnson's cause and manner of death were determined to be blunt force trauma from stab wounds, according to officials.


Eileen Bright, 75, was charged with murder in connection to his death. She is being lodged at the Atlantic County Justice Facility pending her first court appearance. 

FOX 29's Steve Keeley spoke to neighbors, some of whom knew both Johnson and Bright well. 

Joe Morris knew his two neighbors and would talk with them when they'd walk past his home just a few doors away. 

Johnson, a retired postal worker, had told Joe about his ongoing health problems. 

"She was a little younger and took care of him. He had a lot of issues. I don't know it sounded like from some of the neighbors that are near them she was just at her wits' end and just had enough of doing it or whatever and just kind of snapped. I guess," said Morris. 

Karen Phifer says she was close friends with her neighbors across the street. 

"They're good people. They're good, good people. We would have dinner together, me and my husband, we'd go over there, I'd sit with her Eileen, and I have girls talk we go for walks. She has a heart of gold. She is so sweet-spirited," said Phifer.  

She said she had called her neighbors a couple times, with no answers.

"I walked over, and I'm ringing the doorbell and could see inside they're not in their favorite chairs. and I kept running and banging on the door I said I'm gonna bang one more time, and I'm just gonna call the police. Then, I saw Eileen come down and I spoke with Eileen. She was kinda out of it. She wasn't herself. She wasn't herself at all."

Officials have yet to release a motive. An investigation is underway.